Residential Services

At QuicKil we know that your home is your sanctuary and castle!

But when your house is under attack from pests, that feeling instantly disappears. Whether you’re being bitten by bed bugs or can hear the scurry of rodents, residential pest issues can cause sleepless nights. And even worse than that, an infestation can be a serious hazard to the health and safety of your family.

  • There is a risk of fire from rodents chewing through wires
  • A risk of disease from bacteria which is carried by rodents and insects
  • Skin irritation from bites from pests like bed bugs and fleas
  • Erosion of brick work and roofs from pigeon droppings

At QuicKil we give free no obligation advice over the phone and all our treatments are followed by set guarantee periods for up to 10 weeks.

With specialist methods and expert experience with all pests, QuicKil always put the quick into the kill so that your four walls remains a lovely safe home.