Moths can present a serious hazard to personal belongings. However, moths are not usually the cause of the damage. This is the job of the larvae left behind by the female moth. Carpet moth larvae (commonly found in wardrobes and carpeted areas) can feed at an alarming rate. Typically these larvae feed from organic materials such as wool and silk.

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  • Female moth deposits larvae on top of food sources.
  • Larvae continues to eat and grow in stages until adulthood.
  • This process is quick, the life span of a moth is only two to three weeks.
  • In this time more larvae are produced, and the damage to personal belongings becomes more and more severe.


  • Evidence of moths flying around your premises.
  • Small holes to items of clothing, mainly wool or silk clothing.
  • Bald patches on carpeted areas usually found in dark areas. such as under dressers or behind furniture.


  • Firstly, we determine where the moth larvae is most concentrated.
  • Specialist treatment with the use of insecticide is carried out to entire premises concentrating on problem areas. This is continued through set visits until the pest issue has been eradicated.
  • We will work closely with the client to ensure that no further damage is caused to clothing or carpets, through professional information.
  • Once eradicated, QuicKil put in place a full guarantee period of 8 weeks to ensure that no further issues arise.

Most households will experience moths at some point. It is vital that you seek the advice from a professional as soon as possible to minimise the amount for damage that can be caused by this pest.