The most common type of flea is the cat flea. They live and thrive within communal areas usually shared with pets. There is no scientific evidence to suggest that fleas spread disease; however their bites can be frequent and can cause great irritation. Different people suffer different levels of irritation when it comes to flea bites.

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  • Adult fleas are roughly 2mm in size and travel via jumping from their hosts (usually cats) onto humans.
  • The female flea lays her eggs after eating from their host. The eggs will then fall off into the carpet or pet bedding. Due to their minuscule size they can go undetected at this stage.
  • After several days the eggs will develop into larvae. When fully grown the larvae spin well camouflaged silken cocoons.
  • When fully developed, the adult waits within the cocoon until it detects the vibrations caused by a potential host. Only then does it emerge. The complete life-cycle takes about a month in the summer.
  • Female fleas can live up to two years and in this time they can lay around 1000 eggs.


  • Our fully trained technicians are fully versed in the life cycle and treatment of fleas. Firstly, they establish the cause of the issue and provide our clients with the information they need to stop the infestations at their source.
  • Once this has been completed a comprehensive treatment using specialist insecticides is carried out to the entire premises, concentrating on areas of high infestation.
  • Due to the life cycle of fleas an 8 week guarantee period is then put in place to ensure full eradication.