There are two types are cockroaches that we commonly suffer from in the UK, German cockroaches ( brown in colour) and Oriental cockroaches (black in colour).

They are often found in mild temperatures and moist areas. Humidity is a habitat that encourages cockroaches to thrive. However the oriental cockroach can survive and thrive in cooler temperatures around the outside of buildings.

Both of these cockroaches carry diseases such as gastroenteritis, which can involve food poisoning and sickness. Cockroaches are predominantly nocturnal, they can go unnoticed for a large period of time allowing them to transmit disease via their legs while foraging for foods. This pest can present serious hazards to both homes and businesses.

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  • Life span of a cockroach is between three and six months.
  • The female cockroach can lay up to 35 egg capsules, anywhere between three to five times in their lifetime.
  • Cockroaches will then go through two molts until adulthood.
  • Due to adult and offspring thriving on the same food sources, the rate of survival for hatchlings is extremely high.


  • Usually the first sign of evidence is seeing cockroaches either dead or alive in the premises.
  • Sometimes nests can be seen in cupboard areas around hinges or in warm pipe areas.
  • Droppings can be seen, usually found in clusters and look like black dots.
  • Damage to premises – this can be caused by nesting cockroaches exploiting small gaps.


  • Our fully trained technicians will first locate the areas of infestation and areas that cockroaches could possibly thrive in.
  • Once located the technician will educate you on ways to minimise the risks of cross contamination with food sources.
  • Eradicating cockroaches is not an easy task and usually takes more than one visit. With our fixed treatment schedules we can ensure that all areas of your home or business are left completely cockroach free.

Due to the speed in which cockroaches reproduce and the hazard that they can cause to health, it is highly recommended that handling issues with cockroaches is done swiftly!