At one time or another, most households will find themselves the victims of an ant infestation. Whether in the garden or in the home, ants present a rather interesting challenge when it comes to pest control. Black, red, winged, or pharaoh ants can create extensive tunnels making the nest large enough that home remedies simply do not work!

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  • Ant eggs come in three types; queens, workers, and soldiers. The eggs are oval and usually as small as a millimetre, whilst the eggs containing a queen can be up to 7 millimetres.
  • As the eggs hatch, larvae form and it moults several times while growing in size until finally becoming an adult ant.
  • The life span of an ant usually lasts from 6-10 weeks. However some queen ants have been known to live for up to 15 years and some worker ants up to 7 years!


  • You will most likely spot evidence of ants when their colony has grown considerably. They tend to travel in large numbers and “trails” of ants can usually be seen.
  • Evidence of ant nests can sometimes be found around residential or commercial premises.


  • Our technicians are well versed in the behaviour and movement of ant colonies.
  • QuicKil will first assess what breed of ant our client is suffering from and once this is determined, the correct procedure will be put in place to stop the ants at their nest!
  • From the use of residual insecticides to specialist hormone baits which effectively sterilise the queen, QuicKil have a number of methods to stop any infestations in their tracks.